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Good Day, It’s Very Sweet to share My Passion in crafting the Natural leather, I thought a countless times in sharing what I really like but each time I got shy either hesitated, eventually I took the Decision to share what I am doing, It’s a pleasure to do what you like & its Awesome that other like it, I really wish you like it.
We do have an opportunity in producing a very high quality of a Genuine Leather Product with a very Reasonable Price, Why we give in to wear or own a very low-Quality product as wallets or bags exported to us and it didn't fulfill our needs. 1st it's so low Quality.  2nd It's Not Cheap at all and it doesn't last 3RD it doesn't represent us or our Culture.
I always wonder why we don't use our advantage in Crafting Genuine Leather which we Produce and transfer it to such an Outstanding product even export it, we can craft our Culture or whatever we need which means something to us.
Eventually, That was the Motivation in the base beside my Study and Passion in Crafting Leather so we Already Started, I am not talking about an Idea it may happen, NO we exist, and producing an added Value Product not only for customers but for us too and the community around.
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