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Long Woman Wallet Arabic Writing
Woman Wallet Arabic Writing
Woman Wallet Arabic Writing
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Long Woman Wallet - Arabic Writing 

"Without this love ... do not be"

Interpretation of the sentence phrase and the common phrase differed in the sentence phrase, that what you did without love is doomed to oblivion and annihilation.

Jalal al-Din al-Rumi is considered one of the scholars
The Persians, and he was famous for his knowledge in the field of Islamic sciences, and he was proficient in Sufism, as well as he was greatly influenced by poetry and poets at that time, so he wrote many Persian poems. Recently, most of his works have been translated, and his works have been widely spread in the Islamic world, as well as in Turkey and France, and his poems have been sung by one of the well-known stars.

Width: 10, Length: 19, Thickness: 1