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Dimension: Height: 15CM width : 10 CM thickness: 1 CM

on the left sideHe is the deity "Harshev" or "Hareshav".He is an ancient Egyptian god, whose name meansIn the ancient Egyptian languageWho has the greatest power?or who On the shores of his lake and he A deity in the form of a ram, whose worship centered on the present "Ihnasia" was Among his titles is 'Riverside Governor'", Squash was one of the gods of creation and fertility. He was depicted in the form of a man with a ram's head, or in the form of a ram's cam.



on the right side : Hathor goddessThe sky,and love,and beauty,mother and happiness,and music,and fertilityIt was called in the past by the name of Pat and was found onNarmer Palette, and was symbolized by the cow wish.

She is the one who took in the orphanHorussonIsisI nursed him and nursed him. She thus became a mother to him and to all of nature as a symbol of heaven.Represented in the form of a woman holding a crown consisting of two horns between them is the sun diskIts name means the house of Horus or the headquarters of Horus.
It is the eye of Ra that destroyed his enemies,
Worshiped as a goddess for the dead


The drawing in the middle the aboveFlower lotus hillNS The fragrant flower with its blue, red and white colors that blooms and blooms for only 5 days from dawn to dusk and then begins a new life cycle. , or used it in the manufacture of perfumes, cosmetics and adornment, rather it was the title of creation for the ancient Egyptians, and it was believed that it expels spirits sinister.


The drawing in the middle-lower: differ Some historians on the appearance of the sun disk in the inscriptions of the comb of King Jet of the First Dynasty, she is the firstThe wings as representing the sky. The sun symbolizes the god Amun-Ra, who gives warmth and protection and life. As for the wings, they are the wings of the god Horus

While there is a text "hieroglyphic" Long On The eastern and western inner walls of Edfu Temple Origin The appearance of this symbol in the year 363 of the reign of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt "Ra hor my sister"
When the god Horus soared in the sky in the form of a disk of the sun, attacking the enemies of his father Ra, she was placed to protect Temples of enemies


designer vision: The designer believes that this combination gives a wonderful historical glimpse during your trip, while you hold this design and you are about to travel to a journey we wish you happy, you will realize how different you are from everything around you, you are not alone, it is enough to meditate This is amazing Historical symbols and their wonderful stories to avoid every thought or worry that may affect your mental health.

Passport Cover
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